Road to Essen Spiel 2017


It’s like a dream when you realize that you are going to attend Essen Spiel but not as a visitor but as an exhibitor.
We are really excited to start this amazing adventure having the possibility to share our project and our vision with all you gamers out there.

2 days to arrive to the fair, 1 day to prepare our booth and 4 days to enjoy the most important worldwide boardgame event.

We spend so much time to decide how to present us the best and we realize all our comunication efforts needs to be focused on the product.
Our game idea is in a certain way revolutionary: magnets and miniatures with a compass to be moved in a punchboard with unpredictable circumstances created a spell on us and we are sure you are going to feel the same. 

Just to make sure to completely involve you with the atmosphere of “The Faceless” there will be a special surprise we made for you.

Wow, we are really excited, really, a lot, ok, ok, we already said it.
Ok, let’s stop talking, it’s time to play.
See you in Essen and don’t forget to discover “The Faceless”