Miniatures on the way!


Dear dark readers, today we have good news for you!
The sketches we are going to use by Ludus Magnus Studio - our partner in this project - to sculpt the miniatures have been completed.
We are very pleased with these results, what do you think?
The children who have been trapped in Biillygoat’s world tell a small part of the story through their miniatures.

Three children from three different periods were captured by Billygoat and died before reaching his lair.
Since then, they float in a limbo halfway between the real world and that mysterious creature’s domain.
Their miniatures mirror this precarious status, halfway between their human version and their transformed version.

Frightening, aren’t they?
In our game, the board game will be the very edge between these two worlds. Be careful not to cross the line!
What do you think of our evil creature?
Next time we will start telling the children’s stories.
Get ready to tremble!