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Amusement Park

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Enter the Duskworld

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Ashes to Ashes - Kickstarter Version

Ashes to Ashes is a game in which two Factions of Humans and Vampires play alternately in order to capture a misterious Little Girl and bring her back to their own side. During the game, the 2 main factions will fight themselves and this fight would eventually lead to the annihilation of one of the factions, that will cause the victory of the surviving one. Humans and Vampires will also face two members of the Secret Society formed by both Humans and Vampires, which has the goal of dominating every life being.

The Little Girl is the key to everything.

The Faceless - Kickstarter Version

Ethan is missing. All is left is a page form his Diary and an Old Compass that vibrates with an unusual energy. In The Faceless2 to 4 players will take part as the kids of Elm Street in a surreal journey to try to rescue what is left of Ethan, who is trapped in the creepy and mysterious Duskworld. An evil creature called Billygoat lurks in there, feeding off the children memories that he collected in the past. 

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