The Faceless

Enter the creepy world of “The Faceless”, a place where a dark entity has been trapping children
for centuries, erasing their identities to utterly drain their souls.

A compass and a few magnets held by other captured children are the only tools you can use to
find your missing friend, Ethan.

Will you be able to handle these tools, collect Ethan’s fragmented memories and run back to the
real world?

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More in depth

-Double sided miniatures: heavily studied and crafted, miniatures that you will not see anywhere else!

-Unique cooperative gameplay: move the double-sided figures around to influence the magnetic field and interact with the compass

-Learn to predict movements: each play you will learn new ways of using the magnetism to reach your goals

-Challenging enemy: Billygoat will use all his nasty tricks to trap you inside the Duskworld.

-Engaging lore: discover Ethan and the Elm Street gang in this incredible and well thought world.

Duskworld and the faceless

For a complete and detailed introduction to the game check out this page.