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Sam - Miniature

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Sam hated stealing, but sometimes in life you have no choice but to go against everything you believe in you have been taught. The 'roaring twenties' were coming to an end and the city was in bad shape. The looming shadows of war had generated high expectation in everybody, and then had left them in bad shape.


Sam stopped, and he was suddenly tempted by one last, lucrative blow. For a moment he was about to turn his back on the house and leave, then fate choose for him: a gust of wind blew the window open and he clearly saw the glittering silverware, the shining precious furniture and the promise of easy profit.

Sam silently crept into the dark and silent mansion and shut the window behind him.


Officer Arthur was the first to arrive, alerted by the owners of the mansion at 36, Marple Street. Someone had crept into the house without stealing anything, and this was very strange, according to the officer.