The Faceless

 The Faceless exists, thanks to the contribution of 5644 backers.

Ethan is missing. All is left is a page form his Diary and an Old Compass that vibrates with an unusual energy. In The Faceless, 2 to 4 players will take part as the kids of Elm Street in a surreal journey to try to rescue what is left of Ethan, who is trapped in the creepy and mysterious Duskworld.

An evil creature called Billygoat lurks in there, feeding off the children memories that he collected in the past. Now it's your turn to save your friend and restore hope.

A Unique cooperative experience where you move a compass that reacts with high detailed double-sided figures containing a magnet.

Dive into a dreamy and spooky setting with an engaging and carefully thought lore.

The Faceless is a game with a never seen before mechanic: you move indirectly a compass through the movement and rotation of the miniatures on the gameboard. Every time you move one, you will influence the magnetic field generated, thus indirectly changing the direction where the compass is pointing to. At each step of the compass, the direction of the needle can potentially change forcing you to move on new directions. Learning to control and predict these movements is vital to succeed in the Duskworld!