The Faceless Kickstarter Version Core Box

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A unique game with innovative mechanics and components.

Use your magnetic miniatures to influence the compassin a board full of obstacles and move your group of children to collect Ethan's memories and rescue him from the evil Billygoat.

This game includes:

-12x miniatures (1x Billygoat, 1x Judith, 1x Alan, 1x Sam, 8x Servants, 1x compass holder)
- 1x fluo compass
4x magnets
- 1x circular board
- 1x main board
- 2x punchboard (1x normal, 1x glow in the dark version)
- 82x cards
- 8x metal tokens
- 1x hourglass
- 1 glow in the dark die
- 1 Ethan's Diary
- 6x Rulebooks (english, german, french, italian, spanish, dutch)
- 1x The fog (to hide the compass)
- 4x coloured bases
- 2x Fabric Bags
- 1x Additional cover box
- 1x Special Glass token
- Glow in the dark effect