Thank you all Essen Spiel and Lucca C&G players out there



Dear players from Essen Spiel and Lucca Comics and Games,

You have been an invaluable resource in allowing us to pinpoint the weaknesses to fix and the strengths this campaign can achieve.
A miniature game with magnets and a mobile compass is not exactly your average campaign!
Allow us to thank all those who have enjoyed our horror setting. One by one, you will find out the story behind each character.
Thank you very much for the appreciation you have shown about our double-sided figures and the overall game mechanics.
So, what is the campaign’s status?
The figures’ sculpting is almost complete. Then we will focus on the artwork and the game board. We are aiming for a gorgeous result!
We plan to have the full prototype ready before the end of December.
We’ll keep you updated every 2 weeks or so, so that you may enjoy each step of the game design along with us, until the launch of the campaign, scheduled for April 13, 2018.
Thank you again!