The Faceless - Ready to descend?

Here we go! The Faceless is taking its final shape and is almost ready to begin its journey on Kickstarter. See yourself how things improved from the very first few iterations! We will still work to improve and make The Faceless even better in the coming months! Give a look to the components and tell us what you think!!

And that’s not all! The kickstarter campaign is almost ready and we are preparing a lot of surprises for our loyal fans, as well as some unique and game changing stretch goals! We are sure you’ll enjoy this campaign together with us:)

-Double sided miniatures: heavily studied and crafted, miniatures that you will not see anywhere else!

-Unique cooperative gameplay: move the double-sided figures around to influence the magnetic field and interact with the compass

-Learn to predict movements: each play you will learn new ways of using the magnetism to reach your goals

-Challenging enemy: Billygoat will use all his nasty tricks to trap you inside the Duskworld.

-Engaging lore: discover Ethan and the Elm Street gang in this incredible and well thought world.


“If one day I should be missing, you can find me below there. Find my memories, help me escape the Duskworld, before Billygoat transform me into another Faceless.” - Ethan


This is the last message left by Ethan before disappearing. The Elm Street clan, Ethan’s close mates, are determined to bring back their friend; to do so they need one of the leftover objects found in the Ethan’s room: a magic and vibrant compass that can bring them inside the Billygoat’s den. When they approach the forest they start noticing something weird: the compass starts moving in all directions before settling and seems to react to unnatural forces.. what lies beneath the hollow trunk? Are you ready to descend?