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Ashes to Ashes

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An Abstract/Competitive game, for 1-5 players, set in the 19th where Humans and Vampires fight against each other to survive!


This game includes:

- 10x Miniatures (1x The Little Girl, 1x Major E. B. Samuels, 1x Reverend Harogate, 1x Doctor A. J. Gruber, 1x Sryz The Whisperer, 1x Thorne - Cuthroats, 1x Otis The Jackal, 1x Adam Czerniak, 1x Dorothea S.,)
1x The Gargoyle (Stretchgoal)
- 1x Mainboard
- 2x Faction Boards
- 2x Attack Reminders
- 2x Faction Action Decks
- 2x Faction Upgrade Decks
- 1x Secret Society Decks
- 6x Assistant Tokens
- 6Electrical Portals
- 78Electro Tiles
- 8Vortex Tiles
- 6x Power Markers
2x Faction Markers
- 2x Faction Markers Upgrade (Stretchgoal)
- 20x Ghoul Actions Cards
- 1x Captain Ghoul Figure
- 7x Minion Ghoul Figures
- 1Rulebook (English)